About Us

ChefCare® is a unique full-service product delivering highly valuable information and knowledge to business owners – chefs and restaurant owners. ChefCare compiles feedback from disparate sources on the Internet and distills it down to a super-focused report, providing key indicators about the business.
Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai
ChefCare uses EchoMail™ to receive, store, analyze and report on messages from different sources on the internet. EchoMail™ is a message management platform that was created for the White House by scientist-inventor Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in the year 1994, and has since been used by many large corporations like QVC, Hilton Hotels, American Express, CitiGroup, Allstate Insurance, JCPenney, Taco John’s to name a few, to not only analyze and report on their messages, but respond to them effectively as well.
ChefCare was launched in June 2014 as an exclusive service that uses EchoMail as its engine, to provide focused reporting and recommendations to restaurants – small, mid-size as well as large chain outlets spread across diverse geographical locations. ChefCare also leverages EchoMail’s business intelligence built over the last 20 years that provides the framework for analyzing and classifying messages in a dynamic and flexible number of dimensions, categories and sub-categories.
The ChefCare Team is a holistic combination of technologists, field-experts, design and communication professionals that strives toward harvesting the benefits of advances in information technology to create useful and innovative solutions for the restaurant industry.